Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Embryo Have Cancer Cells Inherited Risk from Mother

Researchers proven there have possibility embryo get cancer cells inherited from their mother even amount of this cases is very rare. Whereas, according to theory, body immunity system could be prevented cancer cells entranced to embryo blood circulation system through placenta. BBC New sites that quoted England researchers team study result from National Academy of Sciences on Tuesday October 13, 2009 mentioned there are 17 mother and their child cases suffering the same cancer (usually leukemia or melanoma). This research focused on a mother and child that suffering leukemia. Researchers used genetic finger print checking technique to proven embryo leukemia cells come from their mother. The result, both leukemia cells have the same cancer cell that already mutated. Embryo immunity system was had no ability to recognized that cancer cells as stranger thing. This impacted when cancer cells entranced there is nothing resistance at all. Researcher Team Leader, Professor Mel Greave from Institute of Cancer Research said that cancer cells can be across placenta and easily entranced to embryo because considered not dangerous by body immunity system. “But this case is very rare so the possibility cancer cells inherited to embryo from their mother still little,” says Greave.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Smoking When Pregnant Effected Fetus Brain


Women who smoking when pregnant have risk make their children get mental disorders syndrome likes delusion and hallucination. A survey in England showed pregnant smoking women around 20 percent easier get the problem. That problem will increase till 84 percent if their smoked till 20 cigarettes or more in one day. Research done by Cardiff University, Nottingham University, Bristol University, and Warwick University is part of long term study of Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children that researched how become genetic and environment influenced and effected to healthy. One part of that long term survey done to 12 years old children group observation who their mother smoking when pregnant. The children observation to know how far their get hallucination and when that happened. Furthermore, team also observation possibility of alcohol or marijuana consumption by their mother. Leader of researcher team, Stanley Zammit, said that tobacco exposed can effect to fetus brain growth. Study result at least make government to strengthen smoking banned at pregnancy period but many women ignored that proven in England. About 15 of pregnant women observation can’t stop their bad habit that is smoking.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hit Child Can Cause Aggressive Behavior

Hit one year old children can cause more aggressive behavior and cognitive developed not very well in the next two years according to researchers from Duke University, University of Missouri Columbia, Harvard University, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. According to researcher, verbal punishment no connected with aggressiveness, especially if followed emotion support from another person. In study, researcher interviewed and observed more than 2,500 white skin, African-American, and poor Mexican American mothers and their children with age 1, 2, and 3 years old. Mothers reported how many times people at home hit their children in one weeks and researchers do observation at home how often mother scolding, snap, or makes negative comments. This result found significant African American children is more often get hit and verbal punishment than another. Child who get more often hit when their child at one year old become more aggressive behavior when at two years old and get lower point on test to measured their cognitive skill when their at three years. This result published in Child Development journal.